The first thing Mrs. Mitali Munshi thought about after little Aditi's birth was her harmonium; it was sure to find some use now. Mrs. Munshi had always been passionate about music, and her husband Manindra, though a businessman by profession, shared her love for the world of music

Born and brought up in a joint family, Aditi Munshi was exposed to a musical environment right from the beginning. While summer vacations would mean playing antakshari with cousins, elaborate training sessions accompanied by the tabla and the harmonium was a everyday routine. Inspired by mother Mitali- her first ever music teacher, Aditi did a fine job of balancing her studies and singing. Encouraged by father Manindra, she also took to painting as a form of self expression

It was during her high-school days that Aditi was exposed to the world of Kirtan,a particular genre of spiritual music within the larger discourse of Indian music, alongside previously familiarized forms like Rabindrasangeet and Nazeulgeeti. There was something about Kirtan and the lyrical verses of the great poets like Gobindo Das that instantly drew Aditi to it. Her fascination with the art form intensified during her graduation days as she received a scholarship to study in the Department of Music of the much reputed Rabindra Bharati University. She then received another scholarship from the West Bengal government to pursue 'Padaboli Kirtan' at the post-graduation level

However, her academics did not stop her from taking part in competitions and winning laurels simultaneously, a distinctly memorable day being when Aditi was felicitated by the then Governor Mr. M. K. Narayan on coming second in the All India Merit Test. Meanwhile, she was already performing both on the live stage and on television. The real breakthrough, however, came in the month of May, 2015 when taking part in a popular music reality show brought Aditi fame she had not known before. The rest as they say, became history. Aditi has been successful in bringing out Kirtan from its designated place in the spiritual and religious spheres to a much wider audience, giving it a re-birth of sorts in today's popular cultur


A guru is someone who steers one away from darkness and shows the path of light through his/her knowledge and wisdom. Mother Mitali and father Manindra had held little Aditi's hands as she took her first steps towards light decades ago: they were her first ever gurus

Aditi received training in Classical music from Shree Snehasish Chatterjee and later from Shree Subhrakanti Chatterjee. She learned Nazrulgeeti from Shree Shankar Ghoshal and sought the expertise of Srimati Kankona Mitra, Vidushi Saraswati Das and Shree Timir Baran Ghosh for Kirtan and old bangla songs respectively

Aditi also acquired a strong sense of taal under the tutelage of Shree Dhruba Basu Biswas (tabla) and Shree Gautam Bhattacharyya (Sree khol). However, Aditi also acknowledges the contributions made by the numerous people who have crossed her path so far. She believes all of them have been her gurus as well